Preston & Stadler receives award of ICC (International Chamber of Commerce)

March 30, 2017

Chicago – Preston & Stadler received award of ICC (International Chamber of Commerce during the annual ICC Mediation week. During the conference first-rate speakers from sophisticated and large multinational companies provided real-world insight into the top companies.

The award Preston & Stadler received was accepted by CEO, Tom Goodman who attended the conference by invitation after being nominated in the World Business and Development Award category. “We are incredibly pleased and honored,” said the CEO in a media conference yesterday. “Recognition and appreciation for contribution in receiving a global award in recognizing the crucial role we play in the private sector and implementing millennium goals, is a milestone achievement.”

The spirit of the ICC Awards is the pursuit of productive and innovative core business practices into sustainable development, which has a positive effect on societies. Throughout the long existence of the ICC, businesses such as Preston & Stadler work toward recognition for their contribution in strengthening commercial ties across nations, which has more benefits than just great businesses itself, but also beneficial for global living standards and world peace.

Preston & Stadler is one of the global companies that actively participates in the forum for organizations and businesses that examine the significance and nature of major shifts that takes place in world economy. “we participate in offering a respected and influential channel in supplying business leadership advice in managing those major shifts to the benefit of world economy as a whole,” was the words of one of the board members of Preston & Stadler on their continued contribution to economic growth.

Preston & Stadler’s operation of assets with the strong focus on property, private equity, renewable power, and infrastructure also has an extensive range of private and public investment products and services, which leverage its experience and expertise.

Currently Preston & Stadler has offices in USA and Canada with a head office in Chicago, offices in Asia and Australia as well as locations in Switzerland and Europe.

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