Preston & Stadler launches $2.5 million three-year Eurobond

August 1, 2017

Chicago – Preston & Stadler launches 2.5 million three-year Eurobond came the media release two days ago. The Preston & Stadler Company CEO, did revealed that the importance of international finance evolved significantly due to deregulation of technological and product developments and financial markets.

“In an era of unprecedented globalization and internationalization of economic activity it is the natural step to take”, the CEO, Tom Goodman continued. “With nation economically related to another through the complex network of financial relationships and international traditions, international finance becomes increasingly important in linking foreign investment and world trade”

Financial officials and analysts responded to the press release from Preston & Stadler in saying that this outcome reflects the abundance of liquidity in the international financial markets and shows the confidence the world has in Preston & Stadler diverse portfolio.

“It is proof that Preston & Stadler is a strategic investment destination and that foreign investors have faith in the strength of the asset management company,” said bonds traders. “It is a fact that Eurobonds allow issuers the ideal opportunity to take full advantage of favorable lending and regulatory conditions in other countries. The fact that Eurobonds are usually not subject to regulations or taxes of any one specific government, makes borrowing cheaper in the Eurobond market as when compared to other debt market sources, “trader’s continued.

Preston & Stadler Asset Management is a top owner-managed consulting and trust company with firm roots since its inception in 1992.

Preston & Stadler’s operation of assets with the strong focus on property, private equity, renewable power, and infrastructure also has an extensive range of private and public investment products and services, which leverage its experience and expertise.

Currently Preston & Stadler has offices in USA and Canada with a head office in Chicago, offices in Asia and Australia as well as locations in Switzerland and Europe.

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