Preston & Stadler Announces 2016 Annual and Special Meeting Board of Director Results

January 5, 2017

Chicago – Preston & Stadler announces 2016 annual and special meeting Board of Director results. This was the result of the previous press release where in the board of directors announced the annual and special meeting of the board of directors. The board invitation was open to all shareholders to share in the vision for 2016, the performance of Preston & Stadler for the first quarter as well as audited consolidated financial statements for 2015.

The full report of the annual and special meeting of the board of directors was printed on the company website in the early hours after the meeting was concluded, with the press statement expected tomorrow. The information available to the public thus far, is that listed nominees for the board of directors remain unchanged and the chain of command remains as it is.

The returning board of directors re-elected with 96% in favor of all nominations made. Only one change was made with the invitation of an additional board member who is a retired Chief Executive Officer of an International Bank. The invitation was expected after Preston & Stadler earlier in the week announced its plans to expand into the global facilities management business.

“We have an incredibly strong team with an extensive portfolio of expertise in the capital markets and financial management overall. The invitation to additional board members significantly increases the global trust we instill in the market. I will still be responsible for the safety of Preston & Stadler’s globally diversified portfolio, as well as strategy management, risk management etc.” said the CEO, to the media.

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