New Hedge Fund Preston & Stadler Launched with $50 Million

June 20, 2016

Chicago, United States – during a press release the CEO of Preston & Stadler announced the new hedge fund Preston & Stadler launched with $50 million. It is an impressive amount for a company, but the CEO reported, “Preston & Stadler took the opportunity to raise funds given on our great support, large sales force, pre-built infrastructure and return track record.”
The company’s aim to reduce volatility and risk while still preserve capital and at the same time deliver positive returns regardless of market conditions, is what sets them apart from the rest, is the opinion of investors. The established company has the expertise and experience to effectively take stock market risk out of their fund’s portfolio.

“Preston & Stadler is confident in their management ability to eliminate most of the risk, while at the same time gain return on investment,” said media spokesperson, Jessica Aims. “It is not a simple task, but they feel positive,” she continued when the hedge fund was announced to the world. The CEO of Preston & Stadler, Goodman said in his press statement, “there exists a popular misconception that hedge funds are volatile. People believe that all hedge funds use global macro strategies and placing large directional bets on gold, commodities, bonds, currencies, and stock, while they use lots of leverage. Looking a reality, you will find that the absolute minority, around five percent are global macro funds. Preston & Stadler’s hedge fund, for example uses derivatives only for hedging and often we don’t, and we do not use leverage either.”

The asset management giant who opened its doors as owner-operated business back in 2001 is one of the first global companies who also diversified to other areas, which includes strong focus on company investments and facilities management.

With locations in USA and Canada in Chicago, Europe, and Switzerland as well as Asia and Australia, Preston & Stadler offers all their services at each of these locations.

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