Important legal information

Unfortunately, there can never be a one hundred per cent guarantee that an investment will produce a profit, even if a potential commitment apparently fulfils all the criteria of a good investment.
In addition to the apparent economic facts and figures, we also rely upon personal feeling and the extensive experience of our staff and Board members - and this is what makes us successful, and not only from the purely economic point of view or in the interpretation of figures.

We would also like to point out that we have carefully collated all the information provided in the reports on this website. But unfortunately, we cannot accept liability for the correctness and completeness of this information. Assessments and reviews reflect the opinions of the author at the time of creation. Predictions as regards to the price developments of stocks, CFDs, currencies, futures or other financial instruments, which are based on previous prices, contain no guarantee for the accuracy of these market prices for the future. Information and market prices for stocks, CFDs, currencies, futures or other financial instruments, is made available to us by third parties. Although we are sure that our sources are reliable and trustworthy, we cannot guarantee their scope, their accuracy, nor their completeness or timeliness.

Also our forecasts do not represent a warranty or 100% guarantee for the evolution of commercial or financial factors, which may be relevant for future movements of stocks, CFDs, currencies, futures or other financial instruments.

It should be noted that investments are always connected with risk. Unpredictable losses may result, due to political, economic, market-related or other developments.