Financial Management

Careful planning and proactive long-term dispositions belong to successful fiscal management in medium-sized and larger companies. In developments that depart from the planned schedule, it must also be ensured that there are sufficient customisation options to give enough room for manoeuvre – particularly important and useful are the granting of subsidies, the raising of loans or external investment from shareholders or credit providers.

Competent advisors are indispensable in obtaining public funding - Preston & Stadler analyses your situation, finds the appropriate funding pools, and applies for and implements their payment. And of course, Preston & Stadler optimises your organisational structure to adapt it to the required funding guidelines, so that you obtain the full amount of any public funding available, e.g. for the creation of new jobs, debt rescheduling and overdraft solutions, as well as all investment models.

Among Preston & Stadler’s tasks are the drafting and integration of models for the on-going review of liquidity, as well as the development of tailored financing concepts, conducting negotiations with banks, the selection of appropriate external investors and preparation of IPOs and pre IPOs.