Business Consulting

Preston & Stadler’s consultants analyse the current status of the business’ operations and advise clients over the long term, in the implementation of improvements in the fields of auditing, logistics, production and information management.

The special areas of focus of Preston & Stadler consultants range from improving already implemented auditing models to developing customer and project specific solutions in the fields of quality and project management, business process optimisation and data acquisition. Especially in the IT sector, Preston & Stadler’s IT specialists develop modern solutions for the company’s distribution, accounting and logistics.

In the area of product and process management, executives are given expert advice for the improvement or realignment of product development processes. Powerful and competent project teams are formed in collaboration with our client’s management and these teams develop holistic solutions and implement them directly. Of course, other services offered by Preston & Stadler include the calculation of productivity factors, as well as the formation of project groups for the preparation of DIN ISO certification.