Preston & Stadler Ltd. returns from Davos 2014: a lot of speakers but few decisions

January 25, 2014

Upon their return from Davos, both delegates from the Preston & Stadler Ltd. expressed their concern at the outcome of the World Economic Forum 2014.

John Newon, a Member of the Preston & Stadler Ltd. Executive Board, announced after his return from Davos that he was far from happy with the decisions of the 44th Annual meeting:

"There has been little progress on decisions about really important issues, - be it the ultra loose monetary policy of Japan or the future Iranian raw material policy."

This year, Iranian President Rohani used his speech at the World Economic Forum to announce his country's interest in significantly improved relations with the West. Rohani also campaigned for foreign investment in Iran and once again stated that the Iranian nuclear program was solely of a peaceful nature, and even referred to the prospect of reopening the U.S. embassy in Tehran.

The maintheme of this year's meeting was "The Reshaping of the World: Consequences for Politics, Business and Society" and thus for the 44th time, participants from the member companies of the Forum, scientists, selected politicians and NGO representatives gathered to speak at the now five-day event on global issues such as international trade, conflict, poverty and environmental problems.

The aim of the informal meeting of the 25 ministers who were present in Davos was also to define the next steps after the successful WTO Ministerial Conference in December. After years of blockade, the ministers had decided in Bali on an agreement to reduce trade barriers.

According to the general expectations, European politicians were spreading optimism and Euro Central Bank President Mario Draghi supported the optimists, but also pointed out the risks and unresolved issues, such as youth unemployment - this issue was the topic of discussion on Saturday for bankers and representatives of the central banks of the major economic powers in the world. IMF director Lagarde warned in particular of possible deflation in Europe. Mr. Schwartz, CFO from the Preston & Stadler Ltd. adds that, in his opinion, the loose monetary policy alone will not solve problems in Europe without political reforms.

Around 3,000 members of the Swiss Army and local police forces were responsible for security during the Economic Forum this year.

Contrary to general expectations and the forecasts of Graubünden authorities, there have been no major security problems in Davos. "There have been no arrests in connection with the WEF," said Walter Schlegel, commander of the Graubünden cantonal police and head of the security force.

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