Preston & Stadler Ltd. Successfully Finished Deposit-Stage Of Private Equity Fund With More Than 20 Million Dollars

October 10, 2013

Preston & Stadler Ltd. has announced its completion of deposit stage of private fund with more than US$ 20 million. It had earlier targeted to finish its early stage within next few days and it all came true.

“Equity funds always matter a lot for us as we can conduct long-term investments up to 10 years with it. This money accumulated from the shareholders is very important amount to invest either in stocks in your country or globally or in any companies ranging from micro, small, medium large and mega. Since, we have successfully completed our job of depositing, we feel very happy, motivated and relieved at the same time. Now it will be appropriate for us to start investments in some new businesses”, CFO of Preston & Stadler Ltd. Schwartz said.

“20 million dollars is pretty much a huge amount for us to invest in any sector or industry, without even owning any of them. At this moment, we feel we are pretty secure to invest such a bulky sum of 20 million dollars,” said Chief operating Officer of Preston & Stadler Ltd. Goodman. “However, our primary focus will always be investing in global stocks rather than in a region or a country and to invest in market capitalization stocks.”

Preston & Stadler Ltd. is one of the leading companies of the world.

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