Performance Of 3rd Preston & Stadler Ltd. Investment Portfolio Is 21,7% Ytd.

October 2, 2013

Preston & Stadler Ltd. has announced its performance of 3rd investment portfolio to be 21.7% YTD, which the company says is encouraging in a lot of ways. The investment the company has made in renewal energy sector made them the decent return of 21.7% ytd.

“The positive return of 21.7% is pretty healthy and all the board members are happy with the return. All of us are expecting more growth in YTD(Year to date) return,” said CFO of Preston & Stadler Ltd. Schwartz. “It can’t get any more encouraging than this, since the 2nd Preston & Stadler Ltd. investment portfolio had the return of just 12.7 ytd. It is really a good time for us but we still have to find out what the future will hold for our company’s portfolio investments,” said CFO of Preston & Stadler Ltd. Schwartz.

“We are very thrilled with the return. Actually after seeing a negative YTD return in our 3rd investment last year, we had gone somehow pessimistic and weren’t sure if our YTD could perform well and go up this year. The YTD has boosted our confidence and made us assured that we have a long way to go as it’s sure to be full of ups and downs on the way to our portfolio investments,” said Chief operating Officer of Preston & Stadler Ltd. Goodman.

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