Investment Portfolio Investing In Chicago Hospital

August 8, 2013

Preston & Stadler Ltd. has announced its investment portfolio that shows its investment in Chicago hospital starting August 21st.

“We feel proud to invest in a reputed place of common welfare like Chicago hospital,” said Schartz. “We think Chicago hospital is the one which commits plenty of social services to the public. For medical reasons and treatments, thousands of people will pay a visit to it every day. So, we thought there could be no better platform than this to contribute something to the society. More than investment, it’s for the social cause we are choosing to invest in it,” said CFO of Preston & Stadler Ltd., Schwartz.

Both CFO of Preston & Stadler Ltd., Schwartz and hospital administrator, Harris shared warm positive feelings for each other. Mr. Schwartz is confident that the dual-business relationship will continue for a long-time that will benefit both of the parties.

“It feels privileged to be financially supported by company like Preston & Stadler Ltd.,” said Harris. “Our hospital is where a lot of patients visit every day and hence, we are always in need of serious funds. Moreover, there have been plans to expand the areas further in the future keeping in mind the traffic of patients and add few more blocks. ” said hospital organizer Rodriguez.

Preston & Stadler Ltd. is one of the oldest proprietary trading firms.

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