Preston & Stadler ramps up its client offerings

March 20, 2013

Preston & Stadler Ltd. recently beefed up its team through strategic partnerships with law and taxation experts. This move comes on top of the already established strategic partners that Preston & Stadler has teamed up with over the last year.

“This past year, we have focused a lot on finding the right partners in the field of law and taxation. I am glad to say that we have identified several strong partners with extensive experience and a solid understanding of both local and international law and taxation,” said Mr. Schwartz, Head of Preston & Stadler Ltd..

Preston & Stadler Ltd. made headlines when it secured the contract as the consultants for two giant local companies – US Energy and EGS or Engineering Group Singapore. While its expertise lies in business consultancy with a specialty in energy business, Preston & Stadler also helps organizations in their business development, international business and overall marketing and communications efforts. In just slightly over a year, Preston & Stadler has gained good traction resulting in its recent announcement of more than $1.2 million return to its investors. Schwartz credits this to the company’s client-centric focus, unique 360° overview and custom-made solutions for its clients. That’s why he believed it was important that Preston & Stadler continues to grow through leveraging off partnerships to add more value to his clients.

“Many of our clients have shared their concerns regarding the ‘how-to’ when it comes to law and taxation. That’s why starting early this year, I’ve spearheaded our search for legal and taxation experts. I truly believe this will add value to our existing relationships with our clients, as well as place us in a stronger and more cohesive position when we approach new clients. As companies strive to stay competitive and grow, navigating through taxation and legal matters become of utmost importance,” continued Schwartz.

Schwartz further added that he believes this focus on legal and taxation matters will provide a win-win solution for Preston & Stadler and his clients.

“We believe that this addition will add greater synergy between Preston & Stadler and its clients. Our clients will benefit from the expertise while increasing their level of trust and support in us. I truly feel that is a step in the right direction,” Schwartz said.

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